Wednesday, January 1, 2020

No Failures! Feedback Only!

No failures in 2019. Feedback Only!
Welcome to January 1st

The first day of 2020 and  the rest of our lives!  Let’s hit the deck running! Who's game?

I  LOVE January!

It’s a time for new beginnings and new habits.  It’s a time to review last year’s feedback. (Notice, I did not say “failures.”)

It’s time to get real.
What was your average day like last year?
How does it differ from your IDEAL DAY?
What's my ideal day? Here’s what I imagine….

A Day In The Life Of Judy Howard.

2018 marked one year of recovery since my hip replacement surgery in 2017. Before surgery, I focused only on being healthy again. I wanted to be able to put my shoes on, to walk and to sleep without pain. I wanted to get back on a productive writing schedule.  But the  five painful months waiting for a surgery date led to bouts of depression.  I belabored my future, wondering if it was downhill from here on out.

Now, with surgery a distant memory,  I am once again excited about the new year. I  am living my life, traveling  fulltime in my motorhome with my cat, Sportster. The two of us visit awe-inspiring places and meet the nicest people on earth!

Life is good. There is  no room for excuses and procrastination. So why do I have trouble reaching my goals
Science research has proven our  mind duty is to keep us safe ….  and comfortable.  So, it is understandable that it urges me to sleep in, eat that sugar loaded cinnamon roll, and to zone out, marathoning on the latest Netflix series.

But there is the soul, which is always  longing and seeking. Like the river's force, our spirit pushes past the obstacles in our  path so that we  may thrive and use our talents to create  the best version of ourselves .…. whoever that is.

 Every new year I look back on the past year and say, “I can do better.”

I imagine my ideal day in 2020 which supports a schedule and will include blocks of time to write a blog to keep in touch with my family and you, my friends and fans once a week.

 I envision eating healthier and dropping that last fifteen pounds I’ve been trying to lose for so long.

I want to acquire a new habit of hiking two to three miles a day. Last year, my average hike was one mile a day.

And finally, I want to support to write a new book every year that will excite my readers.

Other resolutions which make the top ten list for most folks every year include   the categories of healthier eating and cooking, traveling, and always, always, always -- more time and more money. And I am an American so, they are on my list too.

How do you envision your ideal day? 
Special  wishes go out to those of you whom I've met along my journey through 2019 and all the years before. You were like a cozy fire on a cold night and a refreshing  icy brook on a hot day. 
I love you all.

Use your time and journey to their fullest!!  

Magic will happen!

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