Saturday, December 31, 2011


Sportster and I want to thank everyone who crossed our paths this wonderful and exciting  year. You all contributed to my inspiration and success on my new journey as an author. The reviews are beginning to come in and they are five star!

Words cannot express what I am feeling this year as I review 2011.The adventures I experienced, the scenery that stirred me somewhere deep, and the friends I have formed will all live in my heart.

And now I am eager for 2012 as we all venture forward  with so much to share.My goal this year  is to inspire courage in others through my seminars and workshops that they too may share their stories and adventures with .family,  friends and perhaps the world.
So join Sportster and me  as we grab 2012 by the wheel and step on the accelerator.I hope to see you all in the new days to come and meet your friends and family as well.
Judy Howard

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