Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I remember Deer Creek State Park just outside of Heber City, Utah. The reservoir was nestled in  Provo Canyon  and surrounded by the Rockies.  We left this beautiful place the next day to see the "Heber Creeper" another name for the Heber Valley Historic Railroad.

I remember the creatures that lurked deep in the  Utah dirt .

I was always on alert for new adventures.

I remember this was taken in Evanston,Wyoming. The town was  founded during the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad. That Blue Jay  in the tree told me the Phillips Ranch Rv Park  has been owned and operated by the Phillips family since 1936. The Phillips family claim this is the last stop before Zion and Yellowstone.

I saw a bear in Zion!

Ahh! My friend Tika! I had missed her. She and her Mom,Vicki, met up with us in Colter Bay Village in Mt. Zion.another great campground with plenty of forest to explore.  She told me she would help me get that bear.


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  2. How cute Judy! My cat is named Tiki (named after retired running back Tiki Barber)-wonder how Tika got his name! I will have to think of some adventures for Sportster, Tika and Tiki. Maybe they can argue about football or something :) Can't wait 'til class starts again :)

  3. Sorry-I posted a duplicate by mistake and I guess this will make three :)