Sunday, January 29, 2012


Martin Lastrapes: Author of "INSIDE THE OUTSIDE." What a great guy. He spoke a week later at The Inland Empire California Writers Meeting at the Ontario Library ( Meets on the fourth Saturday of the month). He covered  the ins and outs of self publishing. Great presentation, leaving everyone wanting more.
Ben ( at Martin's left is sixteen and Kay Murphy's assistant. What a great kid of course being related to Kay guarantees him great genes! Her book "TAINTED LEGACY"  sold out at this book signing. 

Rey Madueno, author of " THE GATE OF THE GREEN SUNSET."  A great novel and superb writing. It is  full of mystery and intrigue. I wish I had more time to get to know Rey.

Nickolae Gerstner has written all her life landing her on the LA Best Seller List..Her many books filled the table. We traded books and I am enjoying "LONGBOURN"  a Jane Austen genre. I love her "Victorian Voice."

Rosa and Mary have published children books. 

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Travis Kleist: author of "THE UNVEILING." I didn't get to talk much to Travis, but his book sounded intriguing.
The trouble with book fairs is "too little time and too many authors." Bob White, George Gurney, and all the rest ... what a pleasure to meet you.
I am enjoying this adventure I have embarked upon, meeting readers and writers alike, and selling books too. Shirley Wible of the Sun City library is planning more of these events and I can't wait to participate. Thanks Shirley.

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  1. Judy, thanks so much for the shout-out! And thanks especially for letting us know about the event in Sun City. What a great time! Can't wait to read your next book, Lady, so don't have too much fun--get to writing!