Saturday, March 3, 2012


This is Bernie, an 11 yr. old Belgian Malinois. Don't let her grey muzzle, puppy eyes, and tail wagging personality fool you. She has served her country in the Marine Corps with dignity and bravery, doing two tours in Iraq. She is being retired and will spend her days with her former handler Cpl. Bret Reynolds. in Ohio.
"She was my first explosive dog." Reynolds explained and "the only other girl I am allowed to love besides my wife."

What's a Wadinger?
The sun is just coming up at Beaumont, Ca. as I approach the I-10 East heading out for Yuma, Az. The night before created this scene out my passenger window.Jack Incarnate is gazing at the white wonderland, snow several inches deep. You might be able to make out the bill of his Harley hat that is shielding his bug eyes from becoming snow blind. I wanted to get out and make a snowball and feel the crispy air, but instead I just rolled down the window and kept rolling.

The item between her hands looks like a wooden corn dog on a stick.
To make a Wadinger you take one jumbo ( uncooked) biscuit from  a tube of jumbo biscuits and press the raw dough down over the wooden "corn dog"
Hold the Wadinger" over hot coals as it you were roasting a marshmallow until it is golden brown. You know when it is done when it will slide easily off the wooden dowel.

We stuffed the inside with strawberries and whipped cream, but other ideas are scrambled eggs and sausage, and I though of taco mixin's.

The inside is up to your imagination and your taste buds!!

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