Sunday, July 8, 2012


This is why I love Jojoba Hills. People ask what is Jojoba Hills? Where is Jojoba Hills? Where is Aguanga, California?
From a writer’s point of view, it is a land of inspiration and enchantment. It is where the land and the sky are paintings whose beauty pulls you from reality, and surrounds you with wonder. 

Actually Jojoba Hills is an RV park located in the hills seventeen miles east of Temecula in the small town of Aguanga. The theme of this place is really about NOT being here, because this is a rest stop, a place to cool your tires and  trade travel logs. The residents here greet each other with salutations like, “Welcome back,” or “How was your trip?” No one stays here for long before they come down with a case of itchy wheels and the lure of sights to see and new friends to meet.
I come here as a guest but often enough that most know my name and call me friend.
I left beautiful Jojoba Hills last week on the Fourth of July. My mood was grey like the mornings when the marine layer hides the power and beauty of the ocean. Going home meant putting aside the words and scenes swirling in my imagination that seek a haven in my manuscript. They are like birds soaring and I fear they will fly away never to be seen again.
But I have learned to trust the process of life - the journey. When I am doubtful I look for signs. I can’t tell you what they are, but I know when I have seen a sign that tells me I am on the right path, even though I don’t know where it leads. 

When I arrived home, here was my sign.

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