Sunday, December 9, 2012


Some say writers are a solitary bunch. I do sit for hours scratching a paragraph onto paper or delving into the depths of the internet to discover a particular bit of information that will transform the words in my paragraph into a magical illusion or reality so real that they will linger on the lips of my readers and become a household phrase. To achieve this connection, solitude is my tool.

But when the writing is done I have to rally the forces that pound down on the same keyboards – other authors. And one in particular is dear to my heart though I’ve only met him briefly. Like other successful writers, he knows what works, not just between the covers of his books but on the road to sales.

Nick Russell has now officially become my idol, my mentor, my big gun, my big name, my big stuff. Like a big Santa, and a sprinkle of a few words, Nick has created me into a top ranking author.

Out of all the mystery/thriller authors on Amazon, my ranking climbed to 2200 on the charts while my ranking among all fiction authors is 8900. Nick Russell gave me the boost and my readers will give me the last push to place me in the top 100 Amazon authors. What an honor!

So who is Nick Russell, or St. Nick, as I will address him from now on? He writes The Gypsy Journal, an RV online newspaper. As a journalist he is top notch, number one in my ranking and with all RV enthusiasts. You can find his newspaper in almost every campground office. Over the years he has  also written many informative books on travel as well. As full time Rvers, he and his wife, Miss Terry, are experts on the lifestyle and can answer any question on subjects from campground, sights to see, great restaurants, and even cooking and looming.

Nick’s books, MEANDERING DOWN THE HIGHWAY, THE FRUGAL RVer, and his new mystery series, BIG LAKE, all are great reads. His BIG LAKE series hit #1 on Amazon’s Kindle sales, so he is an author to be taken seriously.  Find them all at this link If you want to know what life on the road is like, follow Nick’s blog.

There are many other authors who have contributed to my success.

Ron Dingee’s books, MISSIONARY MEMEORIES and NANNA (Or how to eat and elephant) check out his link on Amazon. Ron has supported me and with his respect and mentioned me often in his writings.

Denver Howard is another new author to be reckoned with. His book, FROM PECKERWOOD FLAT THEY CAME  has been compared to THE GRAPES OF WRATH.

There are so many more authors who have touched my life on this journey of literature. The inspiration for my third book had been fed by, BEFORE TUESDAY, by Luis Carlos Montalvan,


 and THE ART OF DANCING IN THE RAIN, by Garth Stein.


 Others include, S. Kay Murphy, THE DOGS WHO SAVED ME and TAINTED LEGACY   are both excellent memoirs.


Libby Grandy is another up and coming author. Her first book, DESERT SOLILOQUY,  can be found on Amazon.

So here’s to you Nick, and all of you who have been my inspiration, support and best of all ,friends to me and Sportster. I wish you all a terrific and prosperous holiday. If I never sell another book you all have made me feel like I rank Number One. Thank you.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Please help push me up to the Best Seller Ranks. Great gifts for Christmas. Get both for under $20.00 in print or on Kindle both for under $10.00.



Thank you from Sportster too.


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  1. I just ordered the Going Home book on Kindle yesterday and can't wait to read it. Nick is truly inspirational, isn't he? I look forward to running into him on the road again one of these days also.