Monday, December 3, 2012


My first day of my cross country trip went smoothly. Sportster used his bathroom immediately as is his habit as soon as we hit the road. The customary winds that ravage through the Banning Pass were lying down and because it was a Saturday, traffic was light. The sights and adventures are why I travel but also driving the open road releases my mind to journey down its own highway. My thoughts become occupied, examining my book’s plot and imagining scenes. By the time I reach my destination for the day I’m eager to put them on paper.

 The morning sped by and soon we were passing the cotton fields in Blythe that painted the landscape like polka dots. We crossed over the Colorado River where locals splashed at its edge, casting fishing lines into its smooth flow while they soaked up the sun’s rays that promised a day in the eighties. I said so long to California and hello to Arizona.

Traveling only two hundred miles a day is going to be nice because by eleven in the morning, after driving four hours, we were boon docked (no electricity, no water, and no nothing) at Dome Rock just outside of Quartzite Arizona. I had my first opportunity to enjoy my new floor plan in my rig.

I had removed a small barrel chair in the living area and converted the passenger seat to a swivel so that it could face the interior of the coach. The change really opened up the space. With a new linoleum floor everything was perfect.

After a bite of lunch, a walk in the desert worked off the stiffness of sitting.

I returned to my home on wheels to get some writing done until the sun went down.



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  1. I want to convert my passenger seat to a swivel seat, can you tell me how you did this or where you had it done? Thanks.