Thursday, July 4, 2013


The story of a service dog begins with a puppy raiser. These volunteers pour their heart into a puppy so it may mature into a dog devoted to its veteran. Time, love, training, and more love,time and training make these dogs worth their weight in gold. 

The cost of saying good bye weighs these volunteers’ hearts of gold down - a burden most find too heavy to bear. And yet many of these puppy raisers perform the highest form of love over and over again, puppy after puppy.
At this ceremony the puppies graduate to full-fledged service dogs. Their training vest they have worn for months is replaced with a new vest. The vest is a badge of honor, embroidered with the name of veteran and his new service dog - the letters sewn into the material from the veteran’s own uniform. 

 These faces are the golden memories; the trainers take home instead of their dog.

 Men and women who sacrificed to save our county’s rich way of life will live on to enjoy it as well. Thank you to K9s For Warriors in Florida, The Canine Support Team in California, and Canine Companions For Independence in Oceanside, California 

From coast to coast, thank you to all the organizations across the country who sacrifice to save our veterans.

K9's For Warriors, Florida
You are invited to attend the Canine Companions  For Independence Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, July 13th. It will be an experience you will remember and cherish. For directions and information:

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