Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Worn Out Hats And Getting Your Kicks On Route 66

After the rafting trip , My hat was very tired. It's resting on a beautiful towel that was a gift of the Haulapai River Runners in celebration of 50 years of operation. What a treat. Here are some more pics from the ride of a life time! Enjoy.
My friend Julie putting on a brave front.

And me? I'm thinking, "I'll never see Sportster again."

 Julie and I are both in the bottom of the raft. That my cowboy hat at the front. My head is down and I am praying to the Haulapai Indian Gods to help me hang on.
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A break in the excitement, we stopped at the falls. They were beautiful but I chose to not make the hike up to them.
I chose the trickle of a smaller waterfall.

The helicopter ride up and out of the canyon.

Julie took the pictures. If I were scared I was too exhausted to tell.What a view!! 

We stayed at The Grand Canyon Caverns RV Park for a couple of days after the wild ride on the river. Julie and I both felt like my hat looked.  Below are the gas station and the cavern  gift shop and restaurant. Great food.

Quiet peaceful campsites. Only $17.50  an night.

Rested and on the road again. Getting our kick on Rt 66..Julie and I reminisced  traveling with our folks .Her road trip was from Michigan mine was from Illinois. The era was the same 1957 and 1958. We both remembered the long lonely stretches like this. It was utter boredom for ten year old girls full of energy.  No DVD's, no I-Pads or Pods.  The Burma Shave Signs were the only entertainment and you will find them on this stretch of RT 66, the longest maintained section of The Mother Road.
Next stop Wickenburg, Arizona for some down time.


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  2. Good Lord you two made some "great memories" for when you get old and have time to "think back" on your adventures ! What is next ??

  3. Hi, Judy, looks like you had a great trip. Loved looking at your pictures. That long stretch of road looks familiar..ugh...and what a wild ride on the river...yes, your poor hate looks worse for wear! I'd love to go on one of these trips, but please, NO helicopter rides!
    Your no caption reads: "Boy, am I glad for this little waterfall, my poor ol' doggies need some cool'n down."

  4. The Best trip ever! Loved sharing the memories and the river ride.

  5. What a fun adventure! I've not rafted the Colorado, but it looks like fun!