Friday, June 6, 2014


My belly was twisted in knots, I wanted to throw up, and I didn’t breathe. With the slightest flick of my finger, I hit the “Approve” button and the final proof of MASADA’S MARINE was sent off to receive its final changes before it is printed.  Do all writers go through this anguish?  I’m nervous, excited, and scared, and yet hopeful. And, still, the waiting continues.

 In 2011, I experienced these overwhelming emotions for the first time, but was rescued by this wise advice: Your book is like your child. Trust you have done your best, and let it go, then get busy on the next book.

So with ideas simmering on the back burner for another book in the MASADA SERIES, I will be busy with for the following book events.

Saturday, 10:00 Am to 12:00 pm on June 21st

California Writers Club Showcase & Library Benefit  

is presenting

the prison library project


the clairmont packing house

532 w. 1st St.

clairmont, ca. 91711

This event is to attract authors and aspiring authors to join The Inland Empire Chapter of The INLAND EMPIRE CALIFORNIA WRITERS CLUB. The club’s purpose is to encourage and support writers in all phases of their writing. Many of the club’s writers and authors will be present at this event doing book signing and readings.

There is no entrance fee. Please bring a PAPERBACK BOOK as a donation. The books are donated to the Prison Library Project.

I will be in attendance with MASADA’S MARINE, fresh off the press!
TUESDAY, JUNE, 24, 2014
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Have you been thinking about writing and wondering…Where do I start? What do I do?
If so, mark your calendars on this date.
This is the first of several seminars I present across the country.
I explain how someone like me, who has been a dog groomer all her life, became an author who ranks consistently in the top 10% on Amazon’s Author Ranking List.
So come on out to The Ovitt Community Library at 215 E C Street, Ontario, Ca. 91764.
Get inspired! Get motivated!
If you are unable to make this seminar, watch for others on BUILDING CHARACTER and WHAT MAKES A GOOD STORY? 
If you would like me to present one of these seminars at your organization please contact me at my website:

Or email me: JUDY HOWARD

Mark your calendar on Saturday, July 12, 2014
1:30 pm noon to 4:30 pm
MASADA'S MARINE, The Story of A Service Dog And Her Wounded Marine Warrior.

Masada and her Marine were both born two decades and two thousand miles apart, and both aspired to do be the best that they could be. But first, they had to meet.
Masada began her journey in Illinois as a bumbling golden retriever puppy and emerged twenty months later as a proud, confident American Service Dog, ready and able to protect and preserve the life of Iraq veteran, Alex March, USMC.
Alex’s journey began in California as an ambitious boy who only dreamed of protecting and preserving life for the Corps, his country and his family. Twenty years later, he emerged as one of “a few good men,” and served with honor, courage and commitment …until he came home….
“An unseen attacker, camouflaged in the crowd, cooled its heels like a terrorist. It waited to follow Alex and his family home. How could he have known what lurked on the sidelines? Another war, an invisible war, he knew nothing about and had not been trained to fight.”
Follow Iraq veteran, Alex March, USMC and his American Service dog, Masada, who rescues the wounded warrior, as they become the best they can be.
41000 County Center Dr., Temecula, CA 92591

(951) 296-3893
You may get an added bonus at this event. My friend, Julie April, may be hanging out with one of Canine Companions For Independence's newest service dogs, Dahlia.
Dahlia meets Sportster


 So There You Have It!!
Your summer Writing  and Reading Program
Bring your friends and family.
I can’t wait to tell you about MASADA’S MARINE.




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