Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This is Part One of a series titled, “How it all began.” 

Statistics prove over 25% of you dream of writing a book.  In the beginning I didn’t include myself in the poll. Writing never occurred to me.  In order for you to understand the life of this writer, I will start this series  by answering some of the questions readers have asked.  To begin with, “Have you always dreamed of becoming an author?

No.  I never dreamed of becoming an author, until the first day in a writing class I attended for the fun of it.  As I put my pen to the paper, I was surprised and a little shaken by the words tumbling out of my head. At that moment   I recognized a burning desire to express myself that had festered within me all my life. I had ignored the yearning because it could never be satisfied, unless I became a preacher on a pulpit or a politician on a podium. Who would listen to me? 

Like a starving, thirsty soul stumbling across an arid land, that simple class of creative writing became an oasis of fulfillment. I soaked up the information offered and sought out to gorge myself with even more. I surfed the internet, delved into books, fiction and non-fiction, and attended conferences as if I were a shark engaged in a feeding frenzy. I wanted, no, I needed to express myself. I had experiences to share, opinions to vent. How best to accomplish the feat than to write a book?

The fun little writing class became like small boat. I paddled along the beach admiring the scenery and absorbing the magic of the moment, unaware I was drifting further out to sea.  One day I looked around and I could no longer see the shoreline.  The water became choppy and I paddled harder.  I felt no panic, but amazement instead, I had come so far, too far to go back.  I had written a complete manuscript.


My fourth anniversary as an author is approaching and I want to thank you, my readers who have followed me on this journey.

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As an author you can believe me when I say there are no words to express my gratitude to all of you. I hope you take advantage of this offer.

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