Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Diamond Valley Writers Guild Rocks!!


That’s all I can say about Diamond Valley Writers Guild !

 Our president, Lynne Spreen, described me as a firecracker when she introduced me as the main speaker on Saturday, but did you realize what an energetic and enthusiastic bunch of writers and poets are beginning to make up this outstanding guild?

We are growing and evolving in our first year. The fascinating folks who are joining comprise every facet of the writing profession imaginable. You will definitely be able to find your kindred spirit at the Diamond Valley Writers Guild in Hemet, Ca. on the fourth Saturday of the month!

Thank you all for coming and listening to my take on, What Makes A Good Story?  I hope you all came away inspired and excited, because I love giving back what I have learned over the years.

Hope to see you all in June!

Thank you all for your book purchases. Reviews on Amazon are an author’s lifeblood. Please support me and the other authors whom you have enjoyed. Let the world know how the writers’ words moved you and perhaps changed your outlook.
In honor of the sacrifices of our veterans and their families on this Memorial Day, I am discounting my two books in The Masada Series.
Beginning on Memorial Day,  and for a limited time, MASADA'S MARINE  and MASADA'S MISSION  will be available for $1.99 each.
That is a  65% discount for both books combined!!
Take advantage and discover how dogs  save veterans lives.
22 Veterans a day commit suicide.

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