Thursday, September 29, 2016

Faith is about Believing.

Fifty-three degrees!
Winter weather for this California girl!
 Waking up this morning  warm and toasty in my cozy home on wheels,  I  recall images of growing up in Springfield, Illinois ––  gray  skies with clouds reaching up to the ceiling and stretching  across the horizon like a soft blanket,  and the cold wind blowing enough to make the trees shiver and shake off their leaves. I scoot  up and peer out the window. The change in the landscape excites me, now, just as it did  long ago –– The change of seasons –– Hoping for a snow day.

In my sexy thermal long johns, I snuggle into bed covers, pulling them and the two afghans up to my chin.  Today, just like when I was ten, the weather  promises  a day of freedom to do whatever  I want, to go wherever I decide  and share it with whomever I choose.  When I was  ten, the thrill of making forts and snow angels was all I ever wanted on a day like today. And the place, which drew me, was as close as my back yard, where the fresh fallen snow lay like a  pristine blue ocean in dawn’s first light. Back then it was my sister and my childhood friends, it was my best  high school girlfriend and it was my first love with whom I created the memories.

My sister is gone and the others must travel their own journeys.   
I stretch, careful not to disturb Sportster, my buddy and life partner, who, unlike a dog, does not give unconditional love.  Curled up beside me in the deep folds of the blankets, purring with gratitude, my cat comforts me.   
Today, it is only California cold. It is only snowing autumn leaves. It is a beautiful day  to enjoy the freedom to do whatever  I want, which will be writing –– to go  wherever I decide, which is the eight steps  in my PJs from my bedroom to my office. And it is a perfect day to share with Sportster, who reminds me that right here, right now, is all we have –– snow or no snow –– California or Illinois. 
Believe in  change.

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