Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Celebrating Seven Years of Amazing Imagination, Creation, and Inspiration!!

Can you believe it!! I am celebrating my SEVEN YEAR
ANNIVERSARY as an author. I want to thank you for the support you have showered upon me.  Without your words of encouragement I would never have come this far. I could not have accomplished what I have without you, my readers.

Seven years ago, I signed up for a creative writing class offered by the community college just to try something fun and different. At the time I owned a pet grooming salon, which I had been operating since I was eleven years old. Since I was eleven years old! 
I was a dog groomer for over 50 years! 
Not an author! Who would have thought?

The new directions life can take us, if we are open to try something different, are always rewarding and full of adventure. For me, I discovered a creative passion for styling words instead of fur. From that moment on I have gone forward, from zero to sixty, and not looked back.

When you let me know my stories have moved you and affected your life, I am filled with humility and gratitude. Because of your encouragement  and reviews I rank in the top 10% – of Amazon’s Author ranking.  
I  travel the country presenting  seminars about writing and inspiration titled, “Have You Ever Thought About Writing?” begins the series, followed by “What Makes A Good Story?”  And my third seminar and my favorite, “Where’s The Inspiration?” I
This is my  hope in some small way to to give back the inspiration and knowledge which others instilled in me.

 The past seven years has been amazing – exciting, frightening, depressing, humbling, and fun!  A wild and crazy roller coaster ride. Thank you for sharing my books with your friends, co-workers and family. Without your support I would not have continued on this road. Like every writer, I survive on the emotional support of my readers. 
Today I have a question for you.

What I can do for your community? Do you belong to an organization in which you and its members  might like to become inspired to venture on your own journey of discovery?  Veterans’ groups, seniors  groups and  high school students are folks who could benefit attending the seminars.

Everyone has stories, talents, and ideas lurking in their mind, like the tigers pacing in their  cages, waiting for the chance to be free. Get Inspired. Release that wild idea! The seminars are the key!!

So today I am asking you to help me make a difference. Be part of this journey I am traveling. Be  the one who helps to  light the spark that just may change someone  life! 
All you have to do is invite me to your town. You can change the tide!  You never know who needs a nudge. Ride that inspirational wagon and pull others on  with you whom you believe would like or need that push  to grab the brass ring and follow their passions.

Please contact me if you would like me to speak to your club or organization. Don’t forget I travel. I would love to fit your town into my schedule. Just think, with your help others just may discover their passion and and begin their journeys. You can make a difference!

A raindrop never takes responsibility for the flood.

Thank you for your continued support.

Judy Howard



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