Sunday, July 8, 2018

Do You Love Longmire?

Any Longmire Fans out there?

Meet Craig Johnson the author and creator of  the hot new Netflix series, 

 I have  met Craig and you couldn't meet a nicer guy. Get your picture taken with him as he signs his latest book for you! 
Where is this going down, you ask?

Be at the FMCA ralley in Gillete, Wyoming 
Saturday, July 21st.

Oh yes, and  while you are attending the rally, if you have hidden secret aspirations to become a famous New York Times Best Selling Author, too.

Learn how to get started!!
Don't miss my Mini-Writing Conference,

I, too will be signing my latest book, THE GRIEVING GIFT, An Autobiographical Novel.

Janice’s older sister, Margaret, wanted to believe that the L.A. doctors at Cedars Sinai Medical Center held a magical deck of cards, but after eight years of treatment they dealt their final card. The Hospice card. No miracles for Margaret. Janice reassures her big sister she will be there, holding her hand every step of the way.
On a death watch, you get to know things about a person you wish you didn’t. It is like a roller coaster ride. And like most rides, it brings us back to the place we began, reminding us of who we were and who we have become.
The twists and turns of Janice’s emotional journey transports her back through the repercussions of her teen pregnancy and into the present estrangement from her daughter, whom she has not heard from for the last sixteen years.
Coming to terms with the grief of losing her sweet Margaret, and dealing with her fear of a lonely future is too much for Janice to imagine. When Margaret’s soul goes to rest in L.A. heaven, how will Janice face the emptiness? Will there be such a thing as a Grieving Gift?

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