Saturday, September 3, 2011

Escapade WOW!

The Road to the Escapade!
What a week long experience: Seminars on blogging, facebook, microfiber, cleaning your motorhome, maintaining your motorhome and weighing your motorhome. And so much more.
My workshop on " Writing your memoirs" was a great hit. I met so many people and made so many friends just at the workshops. The last day of the Escapade a woman came to my booth to buy my book. When I asked her how she found out about the book, she exclaimed, " Everyone is talking about it!"
This trip is only half over. I am resting in the campground here at the Cam-Plex until Tuesday when my friend Vickie and I will head for 'Rapid City for more sightseeing...Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse Monument and The Black Hills.
There is always unexpected added bonuses when I travel. Today Vickie and I went to a Dog Agility Trial. I have never seen them live ...only on TV. Met a thirteen year old girl named Dusty with two of her Border Collies. One was a puppy still, named Edge, competing as a novice but the older dog was competeing in the Elite Competion and did well. Vickie and I are going to return a 9 am tomorrow to watch more competion. The dogs were fascinating to watch as they yip yipped through the course with energy that should be bottled and sold.

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