Saturday, January 21, 2012


The Zions in Utah!! Are they the most majestic? "Aye No Mas"
How could it get any better than this! This is why I love RVing. In one year, I can have all these views from my living room window. Or I can wake up to scenery that is so majestic, serene, and beautiful that I hold my breath and whisper," Aye No Mas!"
Translated, " It can't get any better than this!"
And yet in the life of an Rver , surprise and amazement! It does. Just down the road , just around the bend there will be an unimaginable delight.  

Jackson Lake, Utah in the morning. The most serene place in the world?

Yellowstone! Or is this the most serene?

Wyoming's Yellowstone. Or this?

 Mt. Rushmore. How could this NOT be impressive?

Durango, Colorado. A real cliffhanger!

Canyon De Shelly, New Mexico. Feeling on top of the world!

Canyon De Shelly . Same place.Feeling small.

Morro Bay, California. No this is the most serene!

Gajome Campground, near Camp Pendleton, Southern California
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