Sunday, April 29, 2012


Our private lesson with Mike at  was everything I had hoped. I accomplished the feat of squiggling down into the “hatch”, but also the even bigger challenge, removing myself from the tiny opening. In the bay I paddled to and fro, avoiding ramming million dollar yachts when I couldn’t remember right forward or left backward strokes. I now have an understanding and hands on paddling experience of kayaking. We all shivered and declined the session on self-rescue after testing the water temperature. I’ll leave that lesson for a warmer day and warmer waters.

Tika loves the ghost and she loves kayaking.

The ghost is washed up after kayaking all day.
Sportster wishes he had gone along.

We returned to our campground at  after restoring all the calories we had burned by enjoying a meal of fish and chips, a must when you visit the beach. Mission Bay RV Resort is very nice and I will certainly come again. Sportster loved the picnic table and spot of grass at each site and Tika wore down her endless Min Pin energy on the walking path that circled the perimeter of the campground and followed along the bay.
I returned from Mission Bay last Monday refreshed and energized about kayaking. My friend Vicki and I enjoyed our visit as did our pets, Tika and Sportster. Tika especially enjoyed kayaking with the ghost, but Sportster was not so impressed. I turned 66 years old on Saturday the 21st and couldn’t have had a nicer time. Life is good.
I made the jaunt home easily with no traffic to speak of, in light drizzle, the only problem on my mind an elusive water leak in my motor home that I have been unable to fix. My mattress edge under the rear window keeps getting wet and I always thought it was a due to rain, but am beginning to believe it may be the plumbing under the bed.
At home after unloading, I took up the task of bookwork for my grooming business and writing my blog, when my computer, only a year old tells me it is seriously ill and needs to be backed up immediately  due to a hard drive problem. Now I have two problems. But no problem.  I have two great computer techs: Kate Wolman  who is excellent with software problems and I’ll call them in the morning.
Tuesday morning. I rose bright and early ready to tackle my two problems before going to work at my shop at 1pm. No hot water. Now I have three problems. But no problem. I have a great plumber, Chris at Sun City Plumbing. With no shower I call Chris who can be at my house by eleven. I have time to buy a hard drive at Staples and deliver it and my laptop to Sun City computers as Kate had advised.
The computer will be ready in a day and Chris repairs the water heater and gives me a referral on a guy to check out the problem with my motor home.  As the repairs wheels are turning smoothly and it is only noon.
When my cell phone rings it is my manager at the shop informing me an employee has been bitten by a cat and needs to go to emergency. This problem is a long story but the short version is I accompany the nineteen year old girl to the emergency room because she’s scared and after seven hours, we each headed home at 11pm.
With a supply of antibiotics, a must for an animal bite, she was fine and returned to work in two days. I picked up my computer Wednesday and was successful in re- installing the programs. I got my hot shower and my motor home repair guy is scheduled for tomorrow.


  1. Happy birthday, Judy. You are a model of grace under pressure.

  2. Wow Judy-I agree w/ Lynne-Grace under pressure.

    I think I need to hang out there...million $ yachts...Maybe some fool would give me a ride!

    See you tomorrow. :)