Friday, November 1, 2013

Caves and Cliffs

Fifty miles out of Roswell there were still signs of Aliens. These aliens were carved out of wood. I choose the more conventional carving. He’s going to look great on my patio.

I stayed in Silver City and rented a car to drive up to the Cliff Dwellings. The first day with the car I drove to the City of Rocks, twenty miles outside of Silver City.  I would love to spend a few nights here. This is New Mexico wilderness and the night sky would have to be incredible  Another come back to place.

They were only forty-four miles away but signs were well posted that those forty-four miles would take two hours to drive up the the twisting, hairpin curves.
The hike up to the caves was a half a mile up and another half mile down. It would have been a fairly easy hike if the elevation had not been 6000 feet.

My fear of heights followed me as I made my way up the trail. The higher I climbed , the more nervous I became, but the experience  of being able to enter and explore the caves pushed me on.

 The view cannot be captured here. The reverence, and silence of the place will stay with me for a long time.

Facing fears. Well worth the effort.

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