Saturday, September 5, 2015

Waiting For New Journeys


Recently life has interfered with my travels.  I miss the hum of my new tires on the asphalt, the camaraderie of other travelers, and the hospitality of the locals in every town I visit. I long for the sound of the surf crashing against the Oregon coast, the silence of the Olympic forest at night, and the rain on my motorhome roof.

Sportster, too, sits by the patio door staring out at his Winnebago- Bed and Breakfast parked in the driveway.  He turns his sad eyes to me and meows for the excitement of sleeping on the RV’s dash as the world races by, and the adventures of sniffing all the unfamiliar scents at every campsite.

New tires, new, shocks, and new brakes. Spit shined and ready to roll.  But for now I wait for life to unfold and release me to a new chapter. When I do head out this time I will have said good bye to my beloved sister who is now approaching her final journey.

Have you ever wondered how strange it is that time can stand still, forcing us to crawl through the dreaded episodes yet, in contrast, when we reach the other side, we soar to heights we never dreamed?  And once past the pain of it all we thrive within the next welcomed chapters with new eyes and a new aspect?

For now I wait with Sportster, who contemplates his own story he’s titled SPORTSTER’S ADVENTURES.  Writing passes the time and nurtures my wounded heart.  Words bubble below the surface like a thick, rich concoction which will become delightful after it has cooled. But for now the heated cauldron of the alphabet scalds the skin.

Enjoy a wonderful Labor Day. 
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  1. A beautiful post, Judy. We wait with you and send our love by way of support.

  2. I agree with Lynne you have a lot of us who love you and miss you when you are traveling. Joseph Campbell would be proud of the way you are following your bliss.

  3. Thinking of you, Judy, and hope your time with your sister leaves you with good memories.

  4. When you must wait writing is a blessing - BTW your line "But for now the heated cauldron of the alphabet scalds the skin" is wonderful - you have a poets soul!