Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Writing Affair



Judy Howard

When asked to write a motivational blog, I thought the task to be easy after all, I work every day from sunup until after sundown.

Writing is like a jealous lover, always angry when I tend to another’s needs. It poses as a man on the make, waking me in the middle of the night, “Have you thought of this scene? What is our character going to do next?” Writing is like a demanding lover, happiest when I am stroking the computer keys and thinking of nothing else.

And when I try to beg off and enjoy a movie, my seducer recommends I restrict my viewing to the genre or theme of our book. Sometimes I long for this insistent suitor to fall asleep so my mind can wander and frolic in a field of fresh ideas unrelated to the task at hand. But when I wasn’t looking writing became, a demanding stalker,  discovering my digressions and taking them as his own,  twisting and turning them into another potential story for me to pen and publish. I cannot hide, I cannot escape.

Motivation is only an issue in the beginning, before your relationship with writing gets mean and impossible. In the beginning, writing is like a boy-toy. You play with it. It appears to be a release, just a night out on the town. But soon those nights on the town fill you with a thrill, a satisfaction. And before you know it, you are like the druggie on the corner wondering how you can compromise your existence to keep up the habit …of writing.

 You set the alarm for daybreak to see your tantalizing lover before work. Because just like a boy toy, writing provides no sustenance. You cannot divorce the practical relationship of your daytime employment. At work, you can only think of what you will do with your new lover when you get home. Sleep will elude you as intricate scenarios for your wooer fill your head. You wish for more quality time with your new suitor.

Motivation is not a choice. My advice is to sit down at your computer and tell your mind all it has to do is write one paragraph. Writing will come alive as you write that paragraph, seize you like a rapist and take you. And like a dirty novel. You’ll love it.


My mailing address is Sun City, California, but you will rarely find me there. Instead, check out the Auto Club Motor Speedway in Fontana, California and lift   the helmet visor worn by one of the Mario Andretti racecar drivers. You might find me, one of the top ranking Amazon authors, strapped in and ready to race.

Or cruise down Route  66  and keep your eyes open for my Winnebago motorhome I call “The Big Story,”  followed closely behind by my  Smart Car I’ve named “The Short Story.” 

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