Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Capture the moment.

Capture the Moment.

As a child, I ran barefoot through grassy fields.
I laid down in fields of clover, staring  up at  cottony clouds, moving slowly  across a blue canvass. Their colors, like cream in my coffee, changed with the whim of the currents,   painting seahorses dancing on the ocean waves.

In those days, a million childhood afternoons passed overhead as I kissed my ethereal dreams and sent them off upon the dreamy puffs, pushed by the breezes. Years of clouds, like my wishes   drifted by, adapting and reforming   to suit the winds of change.

Can you remember that feeling when dreams floated by so swiftly and plentiful that you believed them to be endless, always there for the grabbing?


For me, I search to rediscover   the inspiration from those moments of limitless wonderment, beauty and magical energy.   I want to capture those moments when the clouds held endless promises and I harbored no doubts or fears.  It is then that I am truly inspired.



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