Tuesday, August 23, 2016

This Is Not The End

This Is Not The End. – by Samuel Bingham Endicott

Tell me….

Tell me what does it mean to exist

I am not a scientist I must believe there’s more

To this

And  I can not accept

That everything that is real

Is only what our eyes can see

And our hands can feel

Not even earth can hold us

Not even life controls us

Not even the ground can keep us down

 The memories in my head

Are just as real as the time we spent

You will always be close to me

My friend

This is not the end.

I see

I can see you’re so afraid…..

I wish, I wish I had some words to give

But all I can think to say

Is I will be with you everyday

I don’t care

I don’t care what you believe

As long as you are in my heart

You’re just as real as me

Maybe  even more….

You will always be close to me

My friend

This is not the end.

As I drive away from my home town of Springfield, Illinois I leave  the vast waving   fields, emerald green  with corn and beans. They    stretch so very far ,until  they collide against the bluest blue horizon  and  then appear to fall from  the earth .  Pristine  farmhouses  dot   the  landscape   framed by woods of maples, elms and cottonwood trees.  

 I imagine in the fall, leaves flutter down  like huge,  multicolored snowflakes and then the  winter arrives and  hides the naked, fallow land with snow until spring.

As I drive, I think about my life and  wonder. This homeland  created me and the people whom I grew up with, just  as it did the surrounding  vista .  Inhaling  the sights and scents, I try  to capture the  glory that I feel from this land. Will  it be just as real in my memories  tomorrow as the song suggests?

I am leaving behind my roots, saying goodbye to those  who loved  me all my life.  But they  are in my heart, they will be with me every day, as they always have been. 

This is not the end.


  1. Wonderful, Judy - just a perfect "ending" to your time in Springfield, remembering, visiting, mourning, loving, enjoying - and a perfect "beginning" to the next phase of your journey. I wish you many more beautiful sunrises, and extraordinary sunsets...and happy moments every day. Love to you, Jan

  2. Beautifully written--there are endings and new beginnings all of our lives. Enjoy them all.