Tuesday, November 1, 2016

On My Way!

I’m On My Way.
It’s a brand new game.  

My visit to my roots, to my hometown is done.The experience of seeing my beginnings through mature eyes   brought my life into focus.  The  visions of my  past  which nurtured me and molded me, had grown old and wise or broken by the storms. Forgotten friends and cherished loved ones cast warm glows on the tumble-down, tarnished scenery, now overgrown or plowed under. 

Everything and  everyone  tugged at me, pulling my loves and dreams from the deep recesses of  my heart, a heart which  has felt so much , which has  rejoiced and cried, and ached and soared.

I've  shook out the past. Going home made everything different, as if the world shifted. I see things differently now. Now, with my home and my memories in my heart, I’m on a brand new route. I've got a one-way ticket to anywhere. Holding on to my memories is all I can do.  I’m on my way to find my place in the sun. I’m taking the dare, here I go.

I’m going full time!! 

I am selling out and renting out  my house  in Sun City, California. I thought I would share some pictures  In case someone may be interested.  
For those of you who are not RVers. I will be considered homeless, but in the eyes of  the RV community , it is called, "Going  full time"  in my motorhome, the true "tiny house."

The home is centrally located in Southern California  –– an hour north of  the San Diego beaches, museums,  Balboa Park and the home of the San Diego Padres. 

The house is an hour east of Los Angeles and all the city has to offer:  Hollywood, The Getty Center, Disneyland, and so much more.

 If the two golf courses in Sun City aren’t enough to satisfy, drive an hour east to Palm Springs and enjoy any of the 125 courses—that’s 2,250 holes. Or ride the Palm Springs Tramway up to the top of the San Jacinto Mountains in order to escape the heat in the summer, or to go snowboarding in the winter. Oh yes, don’t forget to indulge in the many hot springs in the area. 

But if you don’t want to fight the California traffic, stay in Sun City. Enjoy over 50 clubs and a myriad of activities offered by the homeowners association.
Yoga, line dancing, bridge, bicycling, and chair volleyball.
Two Lawn Bowling greens. 

Two pools. This covered one and an Olympic  one, too.

Horseshoe courts

Woodworking shop with top of the line equipment. 

Hot tub.

Outdoor Greek Theater

Fully equipped exercise room.
 A Lapidary workshop and a ceramics workshop. 
An artist room. 
An arts and crafts room.
Two large meeting rooms with stages and seating for over a hundred and fifty. 
Indoor shuffleboard.
Billiards room.
 Two golf courses 

The house?
Below are a few photos.

Back Patio


Laundry room.

Third bedroom. I have used it as an exercise room and an arts and crafts room.

Guest bathroom.

Side Patio.

RV Parking

Second Bedroom which  I use as an office.


Vanity and walk-in closet in Master bedroom

Beautiful hills for hiking.
 The nearby community  of Perris is  known for the  famous Skydiving  Perris Air Park. The city of Temecula is famous for its  vineyards and world class wineries.
A great place to live.  


  1. Interesting.

    I've been considering full-timing, myself. I'll look forward to your reports!

  2. Oh my - full time? That is very life changing! Great way for a writer to live...