Friday, November 11, 2016

Compare On This Day


 Thanksgiving is a day when we, as a country,   give thanks for not only the food on our plate and the material things that we have, but also for the freedom  we enjoy – a freedom that gives us a  lifestyle, which is unique to  the USA.  The turkey on the Thanksgiving table does not arrive without a price. 

As a nation, two weeks before this November day of thanksgiving, we pause on Veterans Day to give thanks to our veterans and their families –– the reason we remain strong –– that we live in peace

and enjoy all the bounties that Thanksgiving represents.

Because of their sacrifices, we have the luxury to appreciate a fiery sunset and have the time to contemplate the wonders of nature …

Instead of the flames of human destruction, that many others throughout the world live with on a daily basis.

Millions visit Yellowstone National Park. They come in peace from all over the world to observe the explosion of nature’s power…..

While others must witness explosions of unrest and destruction on a daily basis.


When I hike the hills surrounding my home in California I relish in the vastness, the serenity and the freedom the scene portrays. A feeling of indebtedness to our veterans overcomes me.

Because of our veterans' sacrifices, I do not have to experience this instead.


On this Veterans Day, please take a moment.  
Remember our veterans.


Let your voice be heard.

Thank a veteran.

Pay it forward with an act of kindness.
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