Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Seven Things I Have Learned

Seven things I have learned.

I am responsible for my life, my feelings and my actions, no one else.

The day I wrapped my mind around this powerful concept, my life changed.

We all experience doubts. I am no stranger to the silent arguments, the whispers of   what if and coulda, woulda, shoulda.  I should have been a better mother. I could have worked harder, saved more money ….If I hadn’t been so blind, I would have seen…….If I had only followed my dream… We are quick to blame others, our parents, or situations, the economy, or our relationships for our failures and our lost opportunities.

Whether we take responsibility for our lives or not, the accumulation of all our past decisions, experiences, and reactions mold us into the life we are living today. We cannot change that.

No one can   claim complete certainty about the paths they choose. I have made decisions whose aftermath clearly took me to the ground. Today I take responsibility for them, no matter what   grief, anxiety or heartbreak resulted.

What I have learned is that owning our feelings and actions is the key to acceptance and a carefree life. Without excuses in the way we can rise up, push on –– adapt and  

Today, as a full-time author and Rver, my lifestyle is beyond anything I could ever have imagined.  The forty-eight states which I have toured have inspired me, leaving me breathless from the beauty of this country. On my journeys I have met seemingly unassuming people who have shared their unbelievable and extraordinary stories.

My future is the promise of my dreams coming true if I just believe the concept - What the mind perceives it can achieve.

We all have goals and dreams. If just for today, we   take personal responsibility for our feelings, actions and life, the external events will be easier to accept.  If loving someone doesn’t turnout as expected, if situations and events happen to disrupt our plans, or if something just plain goes wrong, we can be comfortable knowing we made the best choices with what we knew at the time.  So for that reason, whatever decision you made  was the right one.

The secret to achieving your life purpose?? Don’t wait for the perfect moment.  The feeling of certainty never comes. Whatever the reason we are here on this earth and how  we are meant to live, it  is different for each of us. Ultimately, your life purpose is what freedom looks and feels like to you, not to anyone else, just you.

Author, Judy Howard’s mailing address is Sun City, California, but you will rarely find her there. Instead, you might find the top ranking Amazon author strapped in at the race track ready to check out the Mario Andretti Racing Experience or cruising  down Route  66. 
Of one thing, you can be sure she is living up to a quote by Henry Thoreau --
“How vain is it to sit down and write, when you have not stood up to live?”



  1. Just found your blog through WWR, Will return t reading older posts later on. I know I am going to love every word.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love your posted picture; am a HUGE fan of cats.