Friday, November 2, 2012



 Where does the time go? What have I done? Where have I been?Weeks whizz by at my age, weeks that used to drag in the fifties. Do you remember?  Do you think we get a 4G connection when we reach a certain age? 

I spent a few days at one of my favorite places, Jojoba Hills RV Resort. Every October the park, which is run entirely by volunteers, conducts an annual yard sale to raise money. I came to help but it turned out my help was more from my pocket book than from the contribution of my time. Someone's trash  has now become my treasure and in the process,I added my small contribution to the $16,000.00 they raised this year.
The amount of money raised is extraordinary, but more impressive is  all the work of sorting, pricing, and selling  the massive inventory- many manhours - is all done by the residents of Jojoba Hills. The sense of community is what makes this place special and although I am not a resident, these people make me wish I were.

While I was visiting at the park my friend, Ron Dingee, a fellow author, came by with his newest book, NANNA (OR … HOW TO EAT AN ELEPHANT).  It is a story as intriguing as his first book, MISSIONARY MEMORIES. Check out this accomplished author at

The next weekend I in another place that lifts my spirit and stirs my soul - Joshua Tree.  I meant to visit the park itself but instead toured the area of Twenty-nine Palms, Yucca Valley and Morongo Basin.

Rusty remnants in the dessert.
Sunrise and sunset makes this desolate place worthwhile.

This time the amazing city of Twenty-nine Palms, home to the largest Marine base in the country, left its imprint on me. My friend, Julie and I toured the murals that has made the town a must see.


The scenes, images, and friends, from Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree and Twenty-nine Palms will comfort me with their beauty and familiarity. When I travel I will remember these impressions and they will play in my mind like a soft melody.
For now I am staying close to home. Working, writing and waiting. Waiting for GOING HOME WITH A CAT AND A GHOST to become available. Time, time, time. 

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