Thursday, October 10, 2013


A Must For Your Bucket List

Forty miles floating deep between the towering walls of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River - twelve miles of rapids rated seven on a scale of one, the lowest, to ten, the roughest.  What was it like?
Awesome! Breath taking. Thrilling! Frightening!
It's 7:30 am and we are checking in at the Haulapai Lodge in Peach Springs. Can you see the anticipation, the excitement, the fear?

From the lodge we traveled an hour on the bus  down 1200 feet into the Grand Canyon  to the Colorado River. We stopped here for a photo op. 

We met up with our journalist friends we met in Lake Havasu on the sunset boat tour. They were from a variety of countries , London, China, Brazil to name a few. What a treat!

Short lapses of beautiful scenery followed by ........RAPIDS!

I tasted the muddy river water.

 It roared and rose up into the boat like ancient, angry Haulapai spirits warning me away from this sacred, untarnished, path that belonged only to the river. The ferocious force wanted to sweep me, drenched and soaked, shivering and shaking, into an unknown realm. My body flailed and pounded against the raft as the Colorado’s energy initiated me and I proved myself to her. Twelve miles, two hours, and infinite lifetimes raced by at nature’s endless pace.
When I thought I could endure no more, the raft crashed from its final watery peak, disappeared in the spray and dove, like a swan dive, then slipped into calm waters. The intense competition ended as abruptly as it had begun.

 Now the raft lolled quiet like a lazy day while, behind me the mighty river shook her white raging fists promising more danger if I dared challenge her again.

Forty miles and four hours brought sweet warm earth beneath my river soaked Sketchers. 

I drew upon my last remaining thread of energy and climbed the river’s banks to the helipad. Overcome by my achievement and exhausted, I awaited to soar like an eagle up 4000 feet to the Skywalk at rim of the canyon. Too tired to muster up any  excitement or fear for my first helicopter ride, I climbed into its belly.

 Swept up and away, this time by the wind, I sent my silent blessings to the Haulapai Tribe and the Colorado River who had allowed me to experience an adventure of a lifetime.

Stay tuned for the next adventure.

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  1. Judy I had no idea you had done this. We are hoping to do it soon something different for us to discuss instead of computer challenges! Kate

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of fears to overcome (for me at least) all at one time.

  3. The best trip I've had and was thrilled (and a bit scared) to share it with you! Thanks for being such a great friend!