Monday, December 14, 2015

My Own Miracle

My parents lived in childless marriage for sixteen years. They were ecstatic when my sister, Sandy, came into this world. As their miracle child, Sandy paved the way for me a year and a half later.  I was my mother’s child, full of adventure and the rebel, but Sandy took after our father, freckle faced, serious, and always in control.
My loving sister, Sandra Brown
My dear sister passed away in October of this year and as I wrote the eulogy, I recalled a friend’s words. “We die like we lived.”
Sandy lived her life to help others. Everyone knew her kindness and love.  Even in death, on the day after her passing, Sandy gave me a miracle.  My daughter, whom I had not heard from in sixteen years, contacted me. It was as if my sister, in her new place, applied a magic potion, soothing the differences  between my daughter and me.

My beautiful baby girl  has grown up to be someone I admire and respect. Her husband stands beside her as her best friend, and I love him too. My daughter is devoted and  giving  her best to her own  two daughters, and her two grandsons, my great grandsons. The loss of my sister is deep, yet my joy soars from the reunion of my daughter, her family,  and me.

Seven weeks after our magical reunion, at my daughter’s workplace, the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, Ca.,  fourteen people lost their lives to terrorism. The potential threat of losing her again shook me to the core. Thank goodness my daughter was not one of the victims.

Today the universe has proved once again, as I look to the New Year and the future with warmth and joy, that things work out no matter how dire I perceive the situation to be. Although the loss of my sister leaves a deep hole in my heart, the miracle of my reunion with my daughter and her family fills my heart to overflowing.
Always believe.

Happy holidays everyone. 
I wish you all the best in 2016 and the years to come.



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  1. What a beautiful commentary and tribute, Judy. I'm happy for you! Very best wishes.