Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Unforgettable. Unstoppable. Astronomical.

Unforgettable. Unstoppable. Astronomical.
Judy Howard
How do you want to be remembered when you’re gone?
I know. Morbid, huh?  And I want to be a motivational speaker, you ask? My goal is to do a Ted talk. I want to be unforgettable, unstoppable and astronomical.

I know what you’re thinking. If she’s going to talk about dying, she’s not going to make it in the motivational business. Fat chance, huh? 

A few years ago I attended a friend’s funeral.  Like me, after her husband died, she packed up her motor home and began traveling alone, across this great country of ours.  I admired her because after her loss, she picked up the pieces and pursued a wonderful life of freedom and happiness.

At her memorial, each family member trod up the stage stairs and approached the podium. Each one recalled similar, personal experiences about Donna.  “I worried about her.  She was so daring, traveling alone across the country.  I never rested until she made it back home in that huge rig, as Grandma called it. My goodness you’d think she was a trucker! None of us could talk her out of her carefree lifestyle. She was unstoppable. Yet, I admired Grandma’s astronomical spirit.  She was my inspiration.  She gave me the courage to quit my job and start my own business. I love you, Grandma. I will never forget you.”

That’s the way I wanted to be remembered.   I want my friends and family to say, “She set a fiery inspiration under my feet. Her words sent me dancing into my future.  And, because of Judy Howard, my dreams flared into a reality."
I want them to say, " She was an unstoppable kind of person.  She lived an astronomical life.”

According to a recent Harris Poll, 70% of us are unhappy and don’t know what to do about it. I am not talking about being so miserable you want to blow your brains out. I’m referring to that "unhappy but hopeful attitude." You know?  That restless feeling?

The #1 reason we are restless is   because we don’t know what we want.

The #2 reason is because we DO know what we want, but fear is stopping us.

Are you part of the 70 %? Or maybe you already know what you want. Or, maybe you don’t. I want to offer you a simple, five minute exercise which will kick start your journey to becoming that unforgettable, unstoppable, and astronomical person you want to become.
1.     Imagine your memorial service and ask yourself these questions.
·       What would your family and friends remember about you?
·       What would you regret NOT having done?
·       What do you dream about doing?
·       What could you do to make the world a better place?

2.     Study these simple, but complex questions for the next week.
·       Write down you answers.
·       Take your time.
·       Study your answers.
·       Examine the feelings they evoke.

 Steve Harvey, who talks a lot about finding your life purpose, wrote a book titled, “Jump.”  He points out that every successful person you know, in order to get where they are now, had to take a risk. They figured out what they wanted and committed to their goal or passion. They jumped.
To be successful at some point you have to “Jump.”
 Six months ago, I jumped.  Except for the stuff I  could cram into  every nook and cranny  of my 24 foot Winnebago, I  sold an accumulation of  fifty years of  belongings, rented my house, and began an entirely new lifestyle, living full-time in my motor home. I wanted to simplify my life in order to feed my two passions, traveling and writing.  As I left everything familiar and headed down the road, I felt homeless, friendless and alone.
I was   on my way. I had the bug.
You know the one.
To find my slice of heaven,
My place in the sun.

Now, let’s look back at this simple exercise.  You have been examining and feeling your reactions for a week. You have gotten a pretty good idea of, not only what you want, but also what you DON'T want, and what you’re afraid of. Your next step?

3.     Plan and take Action!
I don’t mean walk off you job or, like me, sell everything you own. Just take one small action toward your goal. Get up one hour earlier to write before you go to the job you hate. Or give up something in order to begin saving toward your goal. Or volunteer at a venue of your interest.

You will have to sacrifice something. You will have to get off the couch, to step outside your comfort zone.  But any small step you take will build your confidence and give you encouragement. A plan and taking action will boost you up and send you on your way to becoming that unforgettable, unstoppable, and astronomical person  who is living with his passion and making a difference.
It’s time to JUMP!

Let me know how you are doing. I would like to hear from you!
Believe and Become!
Unstoppable! Unforgettable!  And Astronomical!

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  1. Judy,
    You are so amazing and this is such a good article I'm forwarding to many friends. And yes you are very votivational for sure. I'm glad I met you for sure and you are still an inspiration to me.
    I'm on over load right now with my business in Sun City, but finally getting to take a break from Aug. 16-30 to go on a Viking River Trip to Paris 2 days, then the boat through Germany, and landing in Prague for 4 more days. Can't wait and sure need the break. The really good thing is I'm meeting up with my brother and wife from Texas and and 7 other cousins from Washington and Florida, some of whom I haven't seen in 40 years, so it should be interesting. My roommate is a good friend from church who is an antique dealer, was born in Germany, knows the language and money exchange too, plus we're meeting some of her family in the German river ports along the way, which will be great!
    So glad you made your big move to go on the road full time and know that it's all for the best for sure!
    Love you,

  2. Gosh Judy! You've come a long way since I met you so many years ago! You're my inspiration and you're doing something I've wanted to...for years. GGod bless your journeys and your writing! It's fabulous!! Beverly Heath (Your old neighbor) Did you sell your home?

  3. Well said, Judy.

    I'd say "well lived," too, at your memorial.


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