Saturday, October 26, 2019

Live Wholeheartedly!

   I want to tell you about a friend I met during my travels. He is representative of so very many of us who cling to a secret dream which we keep hidden, coveting it like a forbidden lover, allowing it to tug at our heartstrings since our earliest memories.

My friend, whom I will call The Dreamer, revealed to me in an email his passion to travel. The Dreamer’s words resounded with me. His voice echoed that of the majority of folks  whom I’ve encountered over the years.

 “You impress the ever-lovin daylights out of me.  At some point in whatever life I have left I would love to do what you are doing…There’s something about staying in place and traveling out on occasion …but then there’s the hitting the road thing that you’re doing which is pretty amazing.”

Many have confessed to me the dreams they’ve nourished, but none as poignantly as my Dreamer friend.

 Traveling exposes the beauty of the universe and the goodness of people. Traveling inspires the spirit. Experiencing new perspectives allows us to connect with our world and humanity in a magical and delightful way.

Through the bit of life that I have left , I yearn to be a beacon of hope for others and a tantalizing example of the possibilities lying ahead. 

 Whatever your unique dream may be, no matter how unreachable it may seem, I hope my words and my experiences will light up your courage and inspire you to take the leap and …


Afraid you will fail?  Afraid someone will break your heart? Are you scared and sweating bullets? Are friends and family begging you to play it safe? Should you settle for less and travel their journey instead of your own?

In life there will always be risks and detours, but for me, I would rather die from the fear of reaching for my dream than die from a slow and imminent death forever  wondering, “What if?”  

 Oh the joy and the rapture you will experience ….

….  if my Dreamer friend, you  venture out of the parking lot!
Use your time and journey to their fullest!!  

Magic will happen!

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Safe travels!

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