Sunday, January 29, 2012

cats & crime & rock & roll: Gun? What gun?

cats & crime & rock & roll: Gun? What gun?: "That ain't mine." Here it is, the real final (sans a review quote) cover for Cats Can't Shoot , the second Pru Marlowe pet noir, out April...

Wow! I wish I had thought of this angle!!


Martin Lastrapes: Author of "INSIDE THE OUTSIDE." What a great guy. He spoke a week later at The Inland Empire California Writers Meeting at the Ontario Library ( Meets on the fourth Saturday of the month). He covered  the ins and outs of self publishing. Great presentation, leaving everyone wanting more.
Ben ( at Martin's left is sixteen and Kay Murphy's assistant. What a great kid of course being related to Kay guarantees him great genes! Her book "TAINTED LEGACY"  sold out at this book signing. 

Rey Madueno, author of " THE GATE OF THE GREEN SUNSET."  A great novel and superb writing. It is  full of mystery and intrigue. I wish I had more time to get to know Rey.

Nickolae Gerstner has written all her life landing her on the LA Best Seller List..Her many books filled the table. We traded books and I am enjoying "LONGBOURN"  a Jane Austen genre. I love her "Victorian Voice."

Rosa and Mary have published children books. 

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Travis Kleist: author of "THE UNVEILING." I didn't get to talk much to Travis, but his book sounded intriguing.
The trouble with book fairs is "too little time and too many authors." Bob White, George Gurney, and all the rest ... what a pleasure to meet you.
I am enjoying this adventure I have embarked upon, meeting readers and writers alike, and selling books too. Shirley Wible of the Sun City library is planning more of these events and I can't wait to participate. Thanks Shirley.


Darlene Miller was one of the many great authors I met at the Reader's Oasis Bookstore in Quartzsite Arizona. She was a great gal and her series of books, "RV CHUCKLES AND CHUCKHOLES" definitely brought plenty of smiles to the book browsers ... and buyers.
I was drawn to Stu Campbell's table because he had a hat bigger than  mine. His "voice " in the series of short stories about cowboy life in Colorado is as true to life  as his stories.  A humorous look at the western side of life, I found his book "HORSING AROUND A LOT"  not only funny but made me feel like in was in the saddle riding along. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. He has a new book coming out, "COMEDY IN THE CORRAL."

I also was privileged to meet author Joesph L. Gerard. I purchased his book "FLIGHT  FROM TOKURA. " which has been optioned by The Disney Studios for a movie, based on his war experiences.
Sandra Moore Bernsen was another author who wrote about her tragic but inspiring life after she lost her two sons, her husband, her mother and even a dog all within  a short span of two years.
And Debbie Hilbish, last but not least, was a resident and the hostess for the Book Fair. Thank you Debbie! Her books of poetry, "BITS AND PIECES"  and "LIFE DREAM COLLISIONS" are beautifully illustrated.

There were many other authors that came and went the ten peak days of the Quartzsite phenomenon that I didn't get to meet.

A peek inside the Readers Oasis Bookstore. A real book oasis in the desert  and a real peek at the owner! I wanted to spend hours browsing the thousands of old books but had to stay at my table and greet the many visitors.
People came for the books but also to see Paul Winer the bookstore owner reknown for being the "Naked Bookstore Owner." 

There is another "side" to Paul Winer besides the obvious. In his younger life Paul was a male stripper in Canada and the US who performed boogie woogie music and was known as "Sweetie Pie." 
At the community center in Quartzsite,  I attended one of his two performances. Fully attired, in fact, changing costumes constantly he entertained to a sold out crowd.. The highlight of his performance was when he dedicated a song he had written ( He is a poet and song writer as well) to his mom and dad in the audience. They were 93 and 97 years of age and had never seen him perform. It brought tears to the sold out crowd of 900 people.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012


The Zions in Utah!! Are they the most majestic? "Aye No Mas"
How could it get any better than this! This is why I love RVing. In one year, I can have all these views from my living room window. Or I can wake up to scenery that is so majestic, serene, and beautiful that I hold my breath and whisper," Aye No Mas!"
Translated, " It can't get any better than this!"
And yet in the life of an Rver , surprise and amazement! It does. Just down the road , just around the bend there will be an unimaginable delight.  

Jackson Lake, Utah in the morning. The most serene place in the world?

Yellowstone! Or is this the most serene?

Wyoming's Yellowstone. Or this?

 Mt. Rushmore. How could this NOT be impressive?

Durango, Colorado. A real cliffhanger!

Canyon De Shelly, New Mexico. Feeling on top of the world!

Canyon De Shelly . Same place.Feeling small.

Morro Bay, California. No this is the most serene!

Gajome Campground, near Camp Pendleton, Southern California
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Sunday, January 15, 2012


You can't miss this one!! No way! The little town of Quartzsite, Az. has a world renown bookstore,, Reader's Oasis, owned by Paul Winer. Paul is a nudist who on any given day dons only a hat, sunglasses, sandals, and a pouch over his privates.
Authors from The Penwheels, an RV writing group, are hosting a book signing on Wednesday, Jan. 25th. I have been invited to participate and you can bet I would not miss an event like this to add to my resume! I hear he poses for photos with the ladies and I'll post mine on my next blog. So stay tuned.
Quartzsite, Az. is only 200 miles from the Inland Empire and known for attracting over a million RVers to its small township during the month of January. The attraction is not only Winer's Readers Oasis Bookstore, but the desert community has earned the reputation of being  the largest swap meet in the country.
So make a day trip on Wednesday, the 25th. Make the bookstore a must see and bring your walking shoes to cover the acres of tents with treasures from sandals to sunglasses and gems to junk.


10:00 AM TO 2PM