Friday, September 28, 2012

Kirkus Reviews

Recent Indie Kirkus review for COAST TO COAST WITH A CAT AND A GHOST.
Watch for A FREE OFFER  sometime in October to promote GOING HOME WITH A CAT AND A GHOST.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Sesame Street episode launches new Service Dog Muppet

Eukanuba Puppy Channel

7 Days Old: A Journey to Extraordinary! Follow this litter of future Canine Companions for Independence assistance dogs (5 Girls 3 Boys) born Sept 14th as they grow from newborn to 8 weeks old. Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support, all free of charge. How can you help! Visit the Eukanuba Facebook page (link below) and for every new ‘like’ of Eukanuba - we will donate a dollar to Canine Companions! (up to $100,000 dollars). Watch live 7 days a week during these hours 9am – 9pm PST, 10am – 10pm MDT, 11am-11pm CDT and 12pm-12am EST.(less)

Monday, September 17, 2012


The best part of my week was meeting Mario Borrego and his service dog, Sierra. Mario, a Navy veteran who served two tours in Iraq, suffers from PTSD. I had the privilege of meeting Mario and Sierra at the Wilson Creek Winery which hosted the luau. Money from the event was donated to The Canine Support Team, an organization which raises and trains dogs for service and therapy  work.
The Canine Support Team awarded Sierra to Mario only five weeks ago and already Mario lauds the dog’s services and that he has been able to cut back on the medications he takes for his PTSD.

Mario and Sierra,..a veteran and his American Service Dog, a team for life..

Sierra, Mario Borrego's service dog, greets one of the youngest Luau participants.

This is Penolope, need I say more?

The Glen Avon Library in Jurupa Valley, Riverside County 
The Book Fair at the Glen Avon Library was well attended by local authors exhibiting their books as well as nearby residents who came to meet the authors. The Friends of the Library knew how to host an event. A lunch bag from Subway Sandwiches was a delightful surprise as well as many homemade goodies, cookies, carrot and lemon cakes served with coffee and iced tea. I was treated so well I offered to perform one of my workshops in the future.

Only one half of Kay Murphy can be seen. (Sorry Kay) Her books, TAINTED LEGACY and her newest, THE DOGS WHO SAVE ME  sold well at the fair. Kay and Lynne who sat on either side of me were teachers for the Jurupa Valley School District.

Terry Lee Marzell author of "Chalkboard Champions"  penned  stories that are inspiring and motivational of dedicated and gifted teachers working with disadvantaged students.
Lynne Spreen proudly presents her first book, Dakota Blues.

Vickie Hitt displays her art alongside her husband ,author, Jim Hitt.

This week is filled as well with a speaking engagement at the Lioness' Club meeting on Thursday night, Sept. 20th at 6pm. and a workshop on story structure at the Inland Empire California Writers Club meeting at the Ovitt Ontario Library in Ontario on Saturday at 10am Sept. 22. Everyone is welcome to attend whether you are a member or not.
Oh, yes and Sportster and I will be grooming dogs at the Canine Beauty Salon, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Have a great week!


Monday, September 3, 2012


My calendar is full this month. I am so excited about all of the events coming up.
First and most exciting, I will have the privilege of meeting a veteran and his service dog. I am excited and nervous and honored to have the opportunity. The meeting will be my introduction to this expanding and critical social issue I want to write about. I am nervous because as a writer, it has been said we constantly suffer inadequacy issues.
Although I battle these demons, I am in love with my new career and it is too late to back out now. The affair began with my first book, COAST TO COAST WITH A CAT AND A GHOST. It was fun and almost easy, perhaps because I was ignorant of the road ahead, of publishing and marketing.
But I am on that road now and  cannot turn back. I compare it to my experience of driving across Lake Ponchartrain on the long, long bridge. I was terrified, amazed, and swore I would never do it again. Well, I still may never drive across that bridge again in a motor home, but I couldn’t restrain from writing my second book, GOING HOME WITH A CAT AND A GHOST and now …my third? I can’t believe it!
INVISIBLE HEROES has captured my heart only thirty-three pages in. The aspects of the story are three fold, all issues of importance.
Working Dogs: We are all familiar with dogs for the blind, but there is so much more that dogs are capable of.
Prison Rehabilitation: An issue we all wish for but cynically think is impossible. Dogs fit in here too.
Disabled Veterans: An issue that began with the first war ever fought, now of monumental proportions, and our beloved dogs are contributing to the healing process with phenomenal success.
It may I have strayed from the subject of upcoming events, but at all of these events will have information about these issues and ways you can help.
Thursday,September 13th at 6 pm. I will be selling and signing books at this event. $2.00 of every sale will be donated to  The Canine Support Team. Come out and meet the Volunteers and the service dogs too.

Mark Saturday, September 15th at 2pm. on your schedules.Click on the link below  for another great event for book lovers.  The Book Fair will have many local authors present to sell and sign their books. Meet the authors!

September 12th. And the link below is a movie debuting at the new Loma Linda Hospital on the I-215 in Murrieta, Ca.  Again meet the Canine support Team and watch the touching movie, SHELTER ME, that will inform, educate and warm your heart.

Finally on Saturday September 29  from 2pm. to 5pm. come to the Hemet Mall on Florida Ave. and help celebrate the Grand Opening of a new bookstore, THE BOOK WAREHOUSE.
More local authors will be in attendance.
(Note the bookstore opens on the 4th but the Book Fair will be on the 29th.)