Friday, June 19, 2015

I will donate to the Organization of your choice!

Would you like to make a difference in a veteran’s life?
Would you like to make a difference in a dog’s life?
Would you like to make a difference in the public’s  awareness of the veterans’ suicide rate?
I want to.
 I am so excited that my latest book,
is accomplishing just that.
It has been well received.
 The reviews are in!!
As a retired VA Nurse, I can tell you that the author knew her subjects well. Alex and Sarah experienced a marriage post Iraqi. Alex desires to do the right thing but must face daily the trauma recall from fighting a war that made no sense, where children were used to kill and be killed themselves. The violent side effects of PTSD does most certainly ruin families. The introduction of therapy dogs is a fairly new concept for our military returning now. However, the VA has been using service dogs for our blind veterans for years. Masada's Marine is the best read! I wanted to just hug Masada.”
“I could not put it down after starting it. Great treatment of a very important issue and the emotional issues of all of the people and Masada. I was eager to read on to see how the many challenges to Masada, the marine, the trainers and the prisoners were met.”
By educating the public, veterans and their families this page-turner book has become an inexpensive, yet valuable tool in the fight against PTSD and its devastating effects.
22 veterans a day commit suicide.
You can be a part of this mission.
Save a veteran’s life.
To help in  the education and public awareness,
 each week during the month of July I will be giving away five copies of MASADA’S MARINE   to an organization of your choice.
All you have to do to make a difference …
Enter name and address of the organization of your choice in the comment section of this blog.
The organization of your choice  could be your local library, your local veteran center, or the veterans hospital. Perhaps your Elks Lodge or VFW, or Lions Club could use them as raffle prizes at their meetings.  You may list as many organizations as you wish.
Every Friday I will draw the name of one organization of which I will donate and send 5 copies of MASADA’S MARINE in your honor.
How easy is that?
Make a difference!
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