Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What Makes A Good Story?

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Every hour a veteran commits suicide!!

Masada's Marine

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Veterans brag about their pets.

Hello everyone!  RECIEVE A FREE COPY of my latest book, MASADA'S MARINE.
I am collecting heartwarming stories from the many veterans and their families whom I have met about how their dogs or  cats, and even their horses have made a difference in the quality of their lives.  Do you know someone whose pet has impacted their life?  Has your pet changed your life?

I am researching my next book in the MASADA’S MARINE SERIES which will bring attention to the importance of pets in our lives. How has your pet, whether he  is a licensed service animal or not, made a difference in yours or your veteran’s life? What was life  like before you acquired your pet? Could you describe to  me just one incident that made your life better? This is an opportunity to sing your pet’s praises.

In my next book it is my goal to bring attention to the critical need of service dogs, not only in veteran’s lives  and their families but also others who have suffered traumatic events.

Please help me spread the message by sharing  your experiences and your pets.  In gratitude, each week, the  person with the most heart warming story, will receive a FREE COPY of MASADA'S MARINE.

I am the author of several books and rank in the top 10% of Amazon’s author ranking. Please check out my website: Judy Howard Publishing and my author page on Amazon.

Every hour a veteran commits suicide.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Four Things I Have Learned So Far

In participation of Sisters In Crime's Blog Hop I would like to share four things I have learned so far that has kept me in the top 10% of Amazon’s author ranking.

I reached the age of twenty-one when women’s liberation was ablaze. In 1967 I believed I could “bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never, never let him forget he was a man”, because my mother taught me to be independent. At the age of eleven and with her encouragement I operated my own dog grooming business that supported me and my family over forty years. I never thought of being a woman as a stumbling block.  I was told, “Do the work and do it the best you can.”

 At the age of sixty-eight I have written three books each a different genre.   I write what I know. And what I don’t know I research until I know.

If I were to mentor a new writer, here is my advice to her (or him).

1.     Be honest with yourself. Write what you know that you know.

2.     What you don’t know, research and learn.

3.     Do your best. Write and rewrite, rewrite and rewrite.

4.     Work hard, write every day.

I heard somewhere that to be considered a professional in your field one must invest a minimum of 20,000 hours. I believe that to be true. Success does not happen overnight.


Please check out  Libby Grandy,  an author who is putting in the time. Libby will weave a tale you won’t want to put down.

And finally, don’t forget  my latest release, Masada's Marine, The Story of A Service Dog and Her Wounded Marine Warrior.

Every hour a veteran commits suicide.