Saturday, April 16, 2016

Rest in Peace

When we are three years old, life is a wondrous place full of innocence and love. When we are, three we are embarked on  our  journey that perhaps is predestined, or is it already paved by the lives that came before?
 I am not so pious or wise to think I know the answer, but what I do believe is that we all do the very best we can.
Sometimes our very best is unacceptable in the eyes of the ones who love us the most.
Today, if I could beg  for anything from the universe, I would ask for acceptance for those whose path I am unable to understand.

 I would ask for the ability to forgive those who could not listen to my pleas to travel a different route, a smoother way.

I would ask for understanding, which seems nearly impossible when I have not followed on their path.

Today, I beg for it all, acceptance, forgiveness and understanding, in memory of my granddaughter, Jessica Shows,  who at the age of twenty-eight ,succumbed to her difficult life in which she described, “there are no good stories.”

May you rest in peace, Jessica,  with my acceptance, forgiveness and understanding.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen! Start Your Engines!!


Come to the Auto Club Speedway and sign up with me to participate in the The Mario Andretti Racing Experience.   I will be celebrating my 70th birthday and checking this thrill ride off of my bucket list.
Oops! That's not me in the photo on the right. That's my mother in one of my father's race cars. So you see? Racing is in my blood!!

The Andretti Qualifier is voted the most popular racing experience.  I will drive an Indy-style racecar for an 8 minute timed racing session on the speedway. Every minute counts in this amazing experience!

Mark your calendars!
Start your engines!!
. Join me and feel the thrill.
Sunday, April 17th! 
Cheer me on!

For those who are not thrill seekers, but want inspiration and an unforgettable adventure,  mark Sunday, May 28th on your calendar. If you have ever thought about writing or even if you are way past the thinking stage with books on the Amazon shelves , come to The Diamond Valley Writers Guild at the Hemet Library on  the fourth Saturday, March 26th from 9am to 11am.

I will be conducting my most popular seminar, What Makes A Good Story?  This is a favorite among seasoned writers as well as beginners.
 Start you creative engines!
Get Set!
And GO!








Sportster the cat had always envied the huge cats who lived the big life in the jungle until opportunity sends the motorhome in which he travels veering into a roadside ditch. When strangers whisk away not only his Winnebago, but also his chauffer, Arlene, he is alarmed. However, once the dust settles, he purrs a happy tune as he discovers he is free! I He is in the wild! And he is in the Olympic Forest!

ACTIVATE LION MODE is just what Sportster does as he spins this yarn in his own words. Living wild and free brings on encounters he never have imagined. The life he dreamed becomes an adventure full of bears, pit bulls, drugs and more. Sportster weaves this story of his incredible journey as only a coddled cat of leisure can do.


The Making of A Service Dog
A novel
Judy Howard
Masada, a bumbling golden retriever puppy, endears her readers as she describes her eighteen-month struggle through training to become a lifeline for a veteran with PTSD.
When Masada is abandoned to prison life, Author Judy Howard expertly lures the readers to follow along as they, too, become incarcerated behind bars with the young dog.
The readers walk in Masada’s paw prints as she matures and adapts to the cold concrete life of confinement. They share Masada’s experiences and all that prison life entails - the hair-raising risks, the tension …. and the ache of loneliness.
Masada captivates her readers as she does her time. She forms unusual bonds, first with Roy, her inmate trainer, and then with the other veteran inmate trainers. In the end, the total prison population becomes enamored by her dedication and loyalty.  
At her graduation, she proudly walks point down the aisle for her veteran and there is not a dry eye at the ceremony.
Will the readers also be led down the wedding aisle?
Follow Brad and Judy, founders of theK9s for Warriors facility. Reunited after a forty-year separation since high school, the couple faces monumental responsibilities as they try to build a successful dog-training program for veterans. Finding  puppy raisers, training  inmates, and making  the crucial decisions of selecting  the veterans who will receive the dogs strains their relationship and threatens to  puts the much needed program on the line.
A touching, feel good and yet educational story, about the wonderful world of service dogs saving veterans lives.
In the mean time, check out my other books  by visiting Judy Howard's Author Page on Amazon