Friday, December 31, 2021

2022! Let's Rock It 'Til The Roof Caves In!


December 31, 2021

Letting go and New beginnings!

What a year ! But then I looked back at the previous five years! What a  ride I have been on! But for today. I am reviewing 2021.

Every New Year is pivotal yet always the same. A time of letting go. And in contrast,  a time of Grabbing the ring on the Carousel! But for me, this year has been the most  intense of the past five years.

I began 2021 as I had  done for the last  twenty years  traveling to Quartzite  to reunite with friends. This year I reunited  with a  unique group  I had met the year before – my man group!

I had sold my house in California, and as the Universe has its way of lining up events,  this eclectic and  goodhearted group of  guys became the angels in my life when “complications” developed at end of escrow leading to the eviction of the  tenant. My property manager and real estate agent called my man group “ Judy’s Henchmen” but I called them Angels. Because with their help I closed escrow and the eager new owner  could start his own new  life chapter  as did the tenant.  (No tenant was injured in this event.)

The sale of my home  cut my  last ties  to California where I had lived the last  fifty years.(except the last six when I lived full-time in my motorhome traveling the country writing my books and presenting my writing and motivational seminars.)  A Big Change in the making. I had decided to move to a small town on  the southern Oregon coast, Brookings, Oregon. I bought my home in Curry County in which the slogan here is, “There’s no hurry in Curry.”  And so, as I learned to release the  hustle and bustle  life of California my lessons of patience  and trusting the process of life as it is began.

On April 1st  I laid down my California money on a home  I couldn’t  believe I was buying but knew in my heart was the right one for me.

Four months later I have  settled into my perfect fit for a home. As I write this,  I am looking out my window  upon a mountain of green trees  and a light rain  that seems to  dampen  my entire world. The gift of a thin layer  of snow at Christmas  has melted from an occasional sunny day In this  place I have decided is a vortex  of ocean, river, and rain to create a circle of good will  that I have only found a few other places in my travels.

Now as I gather the hard and easy  lessons I’ve learned from 2021, and    mold them  into the massive  bundle  of other incredible gifts of years past, I am ready to meet 2022  head on, as the newest updated version of Judy!

 I leave behind one of the most beloved influencers  of my life. The one who lived the biggest life of all and might be the most influential ... my dearlest, beloved cat, Sportster. May his next cat life rock the world like he did mine. 

I wish you all  a wonderful and  bountiful new year. May your cup of kindness and good will overflow that the entire world will notice.

I am sending my wishes of love and good will to every one of you … because all of you … guaranteed … every one of  you …

have  changed my life!

I am eternally grateful!

Happy New Year!

 With love,

Judy Howard  

(And Sportster in spirit)