Saturday, March 9, 2013

Starting Up A New Business

“If he fails, at least he fails daring greatly so his place will not be with those cold and timid souls who knew no victory or defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt.

At age 67 I am beginning a new challenge in my life. I know, you older folks, consider me young, but for those younger, I hear amazement in reaction to my announcement, as if I have one foot in a Florida sink-hole.

Whose ever perspective, new challenges are daunting whether babysitting a new grandchild or putting it in gear for a 6500 mile road trip, and in my case, starting up a new business adventure.
Forgotten are the ropes I climbed scaling the Internet ladder to see my website erected in the clouds. And the obstacles I crawled under to sneak into the literary world  before anyone realized I had no idea what I was doing are a dim memory. . It was 2011 and JUDY HOWARD PUBLISHING is up and running strong. And, like looking back on the birth of a child,now it seems it wasn’t difficult. The rewards of a job well done far outweighing the pain and suffering of the delivery.
So, today I am announcing my new venture. It is so new - only an idea and a dream - it has no name. On this venture I’m partnering up with you folks in Internet land. Why should I go it alone? After all, everyone of you have been instrumental in my success as an author. So now I want you to come along with us on this new ride and  experience the emergence of my new MOBILE DOG GROOMING business.
 I take many aspects into consideration when starting a new business venture. The first: Is there a need for the service I’m offering?

In a senior community the answer is a slam-dunk. My customers who patronize my physical shop aren’t hesitating to put their kitties’ and poochies’ names on the mobile waiting list. The sign-up list, in only two weeks, is long.

Anyone beginning a new business venture needs to ask, “Do I have the capital to invest?” In the beginning over thirty years ago, I gave up my home and slept in the shop, bathing after-hours in the same tub I washed the dogs. I had no bills and minimum equipment. With no debt and nothing to lose but a dog tub to bathe in, I was on the route to success. But flying by the seat of my pants created its own chuck holes on the way to prosperity, pot holes that could only be filled with faith, dreams, and countless long, hard days.
That was so very long ago. Today,though I should be looking at retirement, I can’t seem to let go. Perhaps this mobile grooming branch of The Canine Beauty Salon will grow and take me out onto the limb of retirement. My vision encompasses a small trailer tagging along behind my motor home with its matching graphics and equipped with all the necessities to make a dog or cat feel like new. Sportster and I will greet the happy faces of customers who are delighted they can remain in their bathrobes and still have their pet groomed.
My vision evolves taking it on the road. Sportster and I will begin to lurk around the dog parks in the campgrounds when we travel.  From my years of travel, one common response from people I meet when I explain my profession is, “Oh my dog needs a bath. Where do you groom?”
My location sometimes 1200 to 6000- miles away is always met with disappointment. Now grooming service will be within a paw’s length.

On the road, pet sitting is include in my vision, enabling the pet’s owner to spend the day as an RVer should – sightseeing, with no worries of being gone too long

So as partners in my new endeavor, I am asking all of you to help select a name for this new service Sportster and I are embarking and meowing on.  We would love to have your feedback as you vote for one or suggest a name of your own.

1.      Meows and Bow Wows
2.      Bubbles and Bows
3.      Sassy Suds
4.      Barks and Bubbles ( very cute but excludes Meows)
5.      Primp my Pet
6.      A Thousand Tails ( my favorite)
7.      Sitting Pretty
8.      Scruffy to Fluffy
9.      On the Spot Pet Care
10.  Whiskers on Wheels
11.  Wags and Whiskers
12.  All Over Rover and Cats Too

Follow us on this new adventure.