Sunday, November 15, 2015

Get ready For the Inspiration of a New Year !

At the close of every year the inspiration to organize my life, set goals for my future, and clean up my past grabs hold of me like an addicting passion, as if Father Time, with his beard hanging past his b…lls,   taunts me. I imagine his small, sad eyes fixed upon his hourglass, mulling over his past regrets. Or is it the Grim Reaper who stands before me, waiting to whack me with his damming sickle?  But  he too uses the  scythe as a walking stick. Thank goodness whoever awaits, is tired, old, and too depressed to take me out.

In my mind’s vision, the wizened form rests in the shade of a huge, age-old rock at a crossroad, like the devil and his banjo, and I wonder how nice it would be to take a place beside him, a respite from the hot sun, shielded from the harsh winds. But my young eyes fall upon his scythe. The aged man leans upon the staff, but the blade catches the sun’s ray, even though it too, enjoys the shadows.

The warning of the metal's  biting flash brings me  to the present and the promising future to which the old man is too weary to travel.

Before the year’s end my first compulsion is to clean. You know like how you feel when you move into a new house? Everything must be fresh, and ready to face the New Year. I shampoo carpets, launder curtains, and wash windows. I reorganize clothes in the closets and files on the computer. I install fresh batteries and remove old staples in the cupboards.
Only then can I wave off Father Time whose piercing orbs judge my every action.  My own eyes swell with excitement and a new wonder for what lies ahead.
Don’t know how to begin the New Year?  Begin by asking yourself these questions.
What do I want? Want something that will blow your mind!
What do you dream of doing? Dream of doing the impossible!

Get ready to have the time of your life!!!

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