Monday, December 17, 2012


Texas country. So many images. The common ones, The Missions, the River Walk and The Alamo, in San Antonio, and the Houston Space Center. All were beautiful, historic and inspiring .
San Antonio's River Walk
Inside The Alamo

But some pictures, more than others,  brought out the real Texan culture. These Walmart displays  would never be seen in southern California without animal lovers rising to the rescue of Bambi’s relatives  and friends.
Hunting is a big thing here. Scent lures for deer, feeders and taxidermy take up a lot of retail space next to the guns and the ammo that get the job done.

Lowes prime outside retail space is taken up by rows  rider mowers and  lines of cherry pickers. Big lawns and high pecan trees are the norm.

I have now been to Iraan, Iraan, Texas, that is.
I took this long lonely road from the interstate  just to say I’ve been to Iraan, a small town supported by the oil wells in the area. The smell of propane gas was heavy at times along this route.

I  grabbed the photo op at this scenic spot on the Medina River outside Bandera, Texas in the scenic Texas hill country.
The town’s population like Iraan is less than one thousand. Paris Hilton was filmed working in the jail in Bandera in her movie The Simple Life 2. It is home to two dude ranches and nicknamed itself The  Cowboy Capital.

So many images to ponder. Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.
The Rivers:The Colorado, The Santa Cruz, the San Pedro Rivers of Arizona, and The Mimbres River of New Mexico. the rivers of Texas,The Pecos, The San Antonio , and again the Colorado. 
The history: Tombstone, The Silver Spike for the second transcontinental railroad  in Deming, New Mexico, The Alamo, and the Huston Space Center.
The landscape: The Saguaros, The Chihuahuan Desert, and the Texas Hill country.
When Sportster and I are old - well, older - in our rocking chairs by the fire, we will remember our adventures. The memories will keep us warm long after the fire has gone out but for now it is time to pack it up and head out for Louisiana.  
There is much more to tell. Perhaps Sportster can elaborate. Be sure to check out his blog. You might have trouble recognizing him, he's livin' on Texas time  and blends in with the other Texans .

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